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This position is responsible for the preparation and processing of construction contracts and related items (bidding documents, addenda, bid tabulations, pay estimates, and change orders); facilitating execution of construction contracts by all parties; preparing and issuing construction notices; and ensuring conformance by Contractor of all administrative requirements.


Job Duties

  • Preparation, review, and administration of public and private contracts. 

  • Preparation, review, and administration of bid documents, advertisements, addenda, bid tabulations, recommendation letters, pay estimates, change orders.

  • Work with Construction Manager on Bid Documents and addenda as required of the project.

  • Attend Bid Openings and compile preliminary bid results.

  • Prepare Bid Tabulations in Microsoft Excel of all bid items and corresponding formulas for calculating total amounts with unit prices, ensure Contractor’s calculations are correct, and determine final bid results.

  • Prepare Recommendations of Award and Award Letters to distribute to appropriate parties.

  • Prepare Construction Contracts for successful bidder and transmit to all parties for execution.

  • Prepare construction notices including but not limited to Notices to Proceed, Pre-Construction Meeting Notices and Final Inspection Notices.

  • Work with Construction Manager to prepare, circulate, and change orders and pay estimates.


  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Minimum 2 Years experience

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook

  • Excellent attention to detail and impeccable work ethic

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Deadline driven

Dirt Construction Site




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