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Water & Wastewater
Wastewater Treatment Plant.jpg

Water production and supply is one of the most prominent topics in the engineering community today. With the various water authorities requiring local regions to convert to surface water in order to control subsidence, engineers need to understand the impact of the regulations on existing groundwater production facilities. Blackline Engineering has experience designing new groundwater plants as well as surface water conversions of existing groundwater plants. Our experience with water facilities and utilities includes:


• Groundwater Treatment Plants

• Large diameter water transmission lines

• Residential water distribution systems

• Rehabilitation of existing water systems

Wastewater facilities and utilities are essential to providing safe, sustainable, and environmentally conscious treatment of the wastewater produced by our communities, industries, and businesses. Design of such facilities ensures that our bayous, rivers, and streams are protected from the harmful effects of wastewater discharge. Blackline’s engineers have experience in designing, rehabilitating, and managing sanitary sewer collection and wastewater treatment projects.


Blackline provides services for engineering the following:

Rehabilitation of Sanitary Sewers and Wastewater Collection Systems Facilities.

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